We wish to run the extra mile for the sake of the children of India and their health and education. Instead of thinking about the huge number of kids who are suffering across India and need help, let us get down to the grassroots. At the village level and the district level, it is quite possible to identify what the problems are and who are suffering. Slowly but surely, we will make a difference. Besides, many organizations like us will join hands together and the world of children will improve by degrees.

You must be worried about resources. The truth is that when the workers are driven by a duty, resources, funds, and materials are not hard to find. Donations will certainly come and volunteers will be available. The problem is that money and materials must not be wasted or misused. The boys and girls who need help the most should receive it at the right time.

Education is the light of life. Children should know and understand health matters like the basic healthy and clean habits. Instead of taking it for granted, our volunteers will go around with health messages. The media will also help to spread health messages and coordinate the work of reaching remote areas.

Health camps for children with checkups and treatments need to be regularly held and working with the medical experts in the government and private agencies would result in great benefits for the kids.

Our work mainly concerns those kids who did not receive the best chances in life. Along with education, health concerns matter so much. We wish to spread a positive message through health and education for those boys and girls who are growing up with weak backgrounds. Helpful and unpaid works are the blessings of the Almighty God upon children.


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Social work is truly God’s work and I am reminded of Mother Teresa who did so much of good work in Kolkata to help the weak and the miserable. Health and Education certainly form the foundation of human life. I pray that the trust is successful in the aim to help hundreds and thousands of boys and girls through charity and voluntary services.

Rahul Sharma

I have seen many problems among the weaker communities in India. They need help and Rajat Singh Khalsa Trust cares for them and wishes to improve their quality of life. It is a dream that can come true if they work at the grassroots and identify those who really need help. I hope the money I donate will not be misused.

Priya Srivastava

I wish to serve the trust as a volunteer but then I have a language problem. My experience of voluntary work in Africa convinces me that the objectives can be achieved but you need time and patience. It is hard work but people are happy to help with money and materials. Volunteers are also available in large numbers but the work should be properly organized

Mandeep Singh

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