Spreading the benefits of good education and health benefits across the weaker sections of society is the primary target. How will such noble objectives be achieved?

While it is true that every society globally suffers such problems, the mighty Indian population makes it a very difficult situation. Luckily, trusts like ours along with government authorities at the national and state levels along with NGOs are making a great difference.

Just like angels, we wish to spread light, happiness and good health across the community, concentrating particularly on children and the suffering sections. Laborers and migrants, deprived children and those with disabilities are some of the important targets.

Whether we succeed or fail is not the issue. The problem is the degree to which we can succeed.

It is easy to understand that plenty of funds, resources, personnel and materials along with education and health equipment will be needed. Where will they come from?

The challenging task of collecting funds and recruiting volunteers besides purchasing materials has already started. A dedicated workforce can achieve a lot for the country.  The charity has no limits and responses are good when it comes to donations.



The media reminders

Each day, the media tells and shows us sad stories of children and adults who suffer in several ways. Our media messages will create a feeling and a spirit of helping. If the minds can be changed, success will come closer. 

Messages through many media forms like the radio and television, newspaper and the web will make a good impression. Humanity is basically good, but corrupted in different ways. We are lucky that technology has created such a powerful media. Our messages will travel not only across India, but across the world. Every country will benefit from our experience.