Since we have a long agenda of spreading awareness through education and health programs, the question arises. How are we going to achieve these goals? The answer is simple: VOLUNTEERISM! We believe in the spirit of charitable work and that does not mean only contributions in the form of money and materials like books, medicines, furniture, clothes, and shoes.

We wish that young men and women particularly would join us in the effort to improve the society. Primarily, if the men, women, and children are in good health and receive basic education and some professional training, everybody would be happy. The ability to work and support yourself is possible only with good health and training. We wish to facilitate both through several methods.

Traveling from village to village in remote areas to spread education and health messages is a great challenge. The trust receives donations and has some private sources to collect funds. It is not possible to maintain a well-paid task force. Volunteers are needed and many of them.  Perhaps some will work part-time too after their office work in the evenings. Some volunteers may work during the weekends when they are free from regular work.

Volunteers can assist in various ways, through the social media, for instance, that has nowadays become so important for sending messages and raising awareness. Preparing written materials and artistic work like posters and drawings are some ways in which volunteers may contribute to our noble cause.

We look forward to a national awareness in the field of education and health through the spirit of volunteers. They will contribute to the worthy dream in so many different ways. The trust appeals to men and women, boys and girls to contribute in whatever way possible to help in the success of the education and health dream.